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دانلود فیلم The Vast Of Night 2020

داستان فیلم The Vast Of Night 2020 : در دهه 1950 میلادی دو نوجوان به دنبال منبع فرکانس مرموزی که در شهرشان پخش شده است هستند و …

منتشر کننده : My30nama
محصول کشور : آمریکا
ژانر فیلم : فانتزی, رازآلود, علمی تخیلی, هیجان انگیز
امتیاز IMDB : 7.0/10
امتیاز منتقدین : 86/100
زبان فیلم : انگلیسی
زمان فیلم : 89 دقیقه
رده سنی : PG-13
بودجه ساخت : اعلام نشده
باکس آفیس : اعلام نشده
کمپانی منتشر کننده : Amazon Studios
کارگردان : Andrew Patterson
بازیگران : Sierra McCormick, Jake Horowitz, Gail Cronauer, Bruce Davis, Cheyenne Barton

Storyline : A mysterious frequency descends on a small New Mexico town in the twilight of the 1950s, forever changing the lives of two youths as they investigate and encounter its origin. Spanning a single night, director Andrew Patterson’s transfixing debut barrels its characters through a tribute to the starry-eyed speculations of Rod Serling, as Patterson and his compatriots meticulously render a bygone era. It’s one that eschews empty nostalgia through judicious shading of history’s insidious margins, and which infectiously captures the wonder of technology, as well as the unsettling risks that come with peering into the unknown. Intermittently framed within the hazy black-and-white scan lines of a television broadcast, Patterson’s scope frequently widens to a vivid roaming gaze that fluidly connects its plucky protagonists through a series of increasingly gob smacking long takes. In other scenes, the camera settles with intense concentration on a single subject, achieving taut suspense …

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The Vast Of Night 2020

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دانلود فیلم The Vast Of Night 2020

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