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دانلود فیلم Half Nelson 2006

داستان فیلم Half Nelson 2006 : داستان فیلم نیمه نیلوفر 2006 درباره یک معلم دبیرستان است که عادت به استفاده از مواد مخدر دارد، بعد از اینکه یکی از دانش آموزانش به راز او پی می برد، رابطه ای دور از انتظار را با او شکل می دهد و…

منتشر کننده : My30nama
محصول کشور : آمریکا
ژانر فیلم : درام
امتیاز IMDB : 7.2/10
امتیاز منتقدین : 85/100
زبان فیلم : انگلیسی
زمان فیلم : 106 دقیقه
رده سنی : PG-17
بودجه ساخت : 700,000 دلار
باکس آفیس : 2,694,973 دلار
کمپانی منتشر کننده : THINKFilm, Axiom Films
کارگردان : Ryan Fleck
بازیگران : Ryan Gosling, Eleanor Hutchins, Anthony Mackie, Katie Nehra, Nicole Vicius, Monique Gabriela Curnen

Storyline : Young Caucasian Dan Dunne teaches history and coaches the girls basketball team at a Brooklyn high school populated primarily by black and Hispanic students. To the chagrin of his superiors, Dan bucks the outlined curriculum of historical facts in favor of the philosophy of historical events, generally discussing the concept of dialectics. As such, he captures the imagination of his students, at least in the classroom. Outside of the classroom, Dan’s life is in shambles. He has a distant but cordial relationship with his family. He uses illicit drugs rampantly. Although his former girlfriend Rachel was able to clean up her drug habit, Dan believes that rehab will not work for him. Due to a combination of these issues, he treats women poorly. Thirteen year old Drey is a student in his class and a player on his basketball team. Drey has her own problems. Her parents are divorced, with her father a virtually non-existent figure in her life and her EMT mother generally absent as she is …

دانلود فیلم Half Nelson 2006

دانلود فیلم نیمه نیلوفر 2006 با لینک مستقیم

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دانلود فیلم Half Nelson 2006

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